Property title verification

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We undertake property document verification, title verification to determine the authenticity of the document presented by owners / buyers of the property.

Spending little amount on property document title verification can save you from huge amount and time on legal litigation.

Property / Title Verification

Title is a legal term; it means the ownership right to property. Title of property is the prime concern of everyone at the time of buying a property. Title can be created by act of parties or by operation of law. Title is acquired by transfer or by operation of law .The law relating to transfer of immovable property is governed by the Transfer of Property Act .Two other Acts closely connected to it are the Indian Registration Act and the Indian Stamp Act. Law of Contract, and the various Statutes passed by State Legislatures from time to time have important bearing in the matter of ascertaining title to immovable property. Law relating to succession is another important area connected to investigation of title.

It is recommended that the buyer should go for title verification before entering into Agreement. In the process of buying property title verification is considered as 1 step and it is also step towards Agreement of Sale and Sale Deed.


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