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We are Independent practicing Advocates, been engaged in rendering legal services for business and individuals, which inter alia include, interpreting the matters relating to the position of fact and law as well as advising on the procedural matters, including execution there in the matters related to: Criminal, Property and Family Law. We are dedicated to providing our clients with best, effective and efficient representation to meet our client needs. We represent our clients in: Lower Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court on behalf of business / individual in India.


Most people lose even before the game begins because they have resigned themselves to their “fate”. Many lose because they give up quite early on in the game. Many others lose because they act in a frenzy and cannot get their moves together, because of having a bad coach, having too many coaches or being a bad student. The common feature of all losers though is that they lack the one characteristic which is crucial in this game – PATIENCE.


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